Our strategy

Robos-labels sees itself as consultant, manufacturer and the strategic partner of its customers.

As a medium-sized and value-oriented company we pursue stable partnerships between our employees, suppliers and customers to be able to achieve greatest possible success together.   

Solutions will be prioritized, which comply with the current requirements technologically, economically and qualitatively. Beyond that we are interested in the procedures and processes around our products – directly at our customer’s site – to be able to provide valuable input for improvements. Here we especially focus on the branches of technical industry, medical technology, automotive and chemical industry.

Our profile

We are specialized in the construction of technical labeling solutions and functional labels. 

Our applied raw materials are often special raw materials, which have been developed for the use in the environment of mechanical and chemical loads. By that the information can be transported for a long time and warn of danger. 

Furthermore, our functional labels connect people, products, and processes to make them more productive, safe and intelligent.

Successful due to continuity

Robos-labels was founded in 1960 as a trading company for technical labeling products in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen and was sold in the course of succession regulation in the middle of 1980s. Harry Reuter has become a managing partner and continuously solidified its position as a company for special labels. With new technologies further branches and product groups have been added, although technological markets and solutions have always been a main focus.  After over 30 years Harry Reuter handed over the company management to Daniel Sugg and Simon Reuter in the year 2019. Both came in 2000 and 2005 as student employees to the company and were from early on involved in important company decisions and projects. This way the exciting topics of present and future could and can be addressed and a next chapter added to the company history of robos-labels.

Visions made viable: vision becomes reality

Our mission legitimates our existence and has a lasting promise of impact in the present and future. Put simply, it is what we do at robos-labels day-to-day. Thus our mission lies within implementing the visions and ideas of our customers in product solutions with the help of our know-how and our technological possibilities. This mission shall guide and direct us. 

We connect people, products and processes to make them more productive, safe and intelligent.

Our vision is a definite image of robos-labels in future. This image is an incentive to advance as a company, to improve and to continuously expand and raise our own standards. 

As a result we do our utmost to become a leading system supplier in Europe in the area of multifunctional labels and to be able to offer our customers and at the end the community a technical, economical and ecological added value. 

Customer service

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Customer service

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