Labels for the technical industry

Document, protect, insulate and seal

Goods and products must be labeled reliably and in compliance with standards. These are for e.g., machines, plants, electric tools, batteries, assemblies and many more.

Moreover, the technical industry requires robust labels for the labeling of packaging, for the manufacturing control or for the documentation purposes.

Depending on the customer project and their area of application, special requirements for the labeling results for e.g. thermal, chemical, or mechanical resistance of a label. Along with the identification and optical marking of the labeled products, a big part of our products also fulfills further functional requirements. That is why we also speak of multi-dimensional labeling products. Further functionalities can be for example the documenting, protecting, insulating, or sealing.

The main qualitative requirements to the technical-industrial labeling are durability, adhesive power, standard compliance and documentation. In line with this, premium materials and adhesives in combination with modern manufacturing plants are essential.

Benefits of our labels for the technical industry

Resistance of labels

  • Heat, cold, chemicals, abrasion, indoors/outdoors, etc.

Adhesive power of labels

  • Difficult, rough, oily, low-energy substrates, etc.

Standard compliance of labels

  • Labels with UL/CSA certification, sea-water resistance, etc.

Applicable documentation requirements

  • Sampling in accordance with VDA or AIAG, etc.

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