How do we succeed

Our high quality commitment starts with our basic kit consisting of different printing and die-cutting technologies, completed with about 550 special materials and over 100 adhesives. Moreover, we provide a variety of colors and varnishes for imprinting and upscaling, wherefrom we filter the optimum combination of all individual components. The resulting construction of a product must meet at the end all requirements by customer and product as well as the statutory regulations and standards.

Thus our individual consultation plays a key role. Together with you we develop the task and the requirements, which enables us to deduce an individual and customized solution at the end. These solution approaches will be presented by concept-, prototype- and preproduction samples so that they can be tested under real conditions in the later manufacturing environment.  

Additionally, we offer different camera systems for in-process control as well as an optical coordinates-measuring system to perform dimensional measurements fast and highly precise and to create documentation components.

For our serial production the digital workflows connect the data examination and the correction- and release processes with our ERP system to warrant a fast, stable and unified data handling as well as batch backtracking.


Our technology is mainly presented in three areas. The areas are prepress (preprint), press (pressroom), and post-press (final processing).

Customer service

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Customer service

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