Labels for automotive

Standard-compliant, functional and high-performative

For vehicles and their interior and exterior components a wide range of labels and functionalities is required. Also during the production versatile labeling products come into action and fulfil tasks and individual requirements.

According to the production steps in the automotive manufacturing, thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance of labels is required. High demands will be also set on the adhesive power of labels on difficult substrates like in the engine compartment, Warning and information labels, which later remain on and in the vehicle for many years must permanently remain legible and adhere absolutely securely. These labels must withstand heat, UV light and weather conditions over the entire product life cycle.

The main qualitative requirements to the labeling for automotive are functionality, durability, adhesive power, standard compliance and documentation. Premium materials and adhesives in combination with modern manufacturing plants are here essential.

Benefits of our labels for automotive

Resistance of automotive labels
  • Extreme temperatures, UV light, chemicals, mechanical load, wetness etc.
Adhesive power of labels
  • Suitable for convex, rough, oily, low-energy substrates etc.
Standard compliance of labels
  • Labels with UL/CSA certification, label flammability in accordance with FMVSS 302 standard, sea-water resistance etc.
Applicable documentation requirements
  • Sampling in accordance with VDA or AIAG, etc.

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