Establishment of the Research & Development Department

In January 2023, robos-labels was expanded with an additional department responsible for the development and research of new products, materials, and processes. This area is headed by Dr. Tasmin Reuter. The new business unit offers the freedom and enables the creativity to spin ideas with a new perspective and create product innovations.

Investment in a High-End Laser Cutting System

To meet customer requirements more precisely and to be able to manufacture special labels at all, robos-labels invested in a state-of-the-art laser cutting system. The new laser cutting system provides a variety of application-specific high-end solutions for the manufacturing and finishing of labels.

New strategy and the relaunch of corporate design

With the increasing focus on technical labeling solutions also the corporate design will be updated. A new logo will be introduced and the company trades now under robos-labels. The goal is the specialization in technical industry and the branches automotive, chemical industry and medical technology.

Robos celebrates 60 years of company history

What started in 1960 with few employees as a trade, and shortly after with the manufacturing of silkscreen labels in small premises, has turned to a modern company with approximately 90 employees and large machinery. Furthermore, in 1992 the subsidiary Folit was founded.

Daniel Sugg and Simon Reuter take over the management

In January 2019 Daniel Sugg and Simon Reuter take over the management. Both are in the company for many years and have an enormous experience in the labeling industry. Harry Reuter is still active at Robos as a key account manager.

Robos invests 3.5 million in the digital printing

By acquiring another digital printing machine HP Indigo Robos has two digital printing machines with integrated primer station now. This expands the material portfolio enormously. The investment in the UV inkjet digital printing machine TAU 330 E allows for the production of labels with high resistance in flexible sorts and runs.

Moving to the new building Im Moldengraben 47 in Kornwestheim

In the last days of the year 2017 following the production unit also the administration moved to the new building. Now all Robos employees work in one location, the subsidiary Folit is also located in the same building again. The new building has a spacious manufacturing hall, offices full of light and attractive canteen.

Ground-breaking for the new building and introduction of ERP system and ESKO Webcenter

In November, close to 8000m² (approx. 9567 yd²) site was acquired in Kornwestheim. The ground-breaking ceremony took place on Dec. 2nd, 2016. 
The new ERP system organizes all processes – from calculating, distribution and production planning to logistics and controlling. The ESKO Webcenter is an efficient web-based platform, which manages specifications for label preproduction, release and project tasks.

Investments and relaunch of the homepage

By investment in HP Indigo WS 6600, a modern digital printing machine of latest generation, the customer wishes can be realized faster and more flexible. In addition, company invests in a flexographic printing machine with seven colors, two die-cutters and an embossing unit. The homepage will be relaunched and a comprehensive label-dictionary will be added. 

Robos celebrates 50th anniversary

Live mood music, festive buffet and magician shows: in celebration of a milestone anniversary the successful existence will be celebrated in Palmengarten in Remseck. The company Robos looks back at five decades of label manufacturing and marks this day with a tasty festive cake, cut by the managing director Harry Reuter.

Moving in the new extension in Kornwestheim

In the year 2000 the spatial stock- and administrational situation in Kornwestheim is almost exhausted. The company grows and new employees join. The administration in Kornwestheim enlarges the capacities by adding an extension within the available space. This project takes almost 2 years. In the year 2002 the moving can be celebrated.

Foundation of the subsidiary Folit GmbH

In the beginning of 90s the question came up, who will cut down the raw material from the master roll to individual narrow rolls for the company and other printing industry. For that purpose Robos founded the subsidiary Folit. Its main activity is the purchase and processing of foil master rolls. Computer-operated cutting plants allow for cuts accurate to millimeter. The administration is in Kornwestheim as well.

Harry Reuter takes over the company management

Mr. Kujacinski, Mr. Veigel and Mr. Reuter become managing directors. With the change in the management the first thoughts about the change of location come up. For the administration a new building in Kornwestheim is being planned. The new building will be occupied in 1990.  Further investments in modern silkscreen- and letterpress machines take place.

Setup of the production in Schwanheim

Whereas the print-technical beginnings of production took place in the available house premises, in 1966 a thought about a new building came up for the first time. This tuned to reality in 1968. In 1974 and 1976 two further extensions were added. Most important technological achievement in 60s and 70s include different modern roll silkscreen machines.

Foundation of Robos GmbH & Co.KG

In the year 1965 Robos GmbH & Co. KG was founded, under a different name at that time. At the beginning the main activity of the company was to identify the labeling needs of other companies and to provide them with reliable suppliers. One focus was on the manufacturing of silkscreen labels back then.

Customer service

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Customer service

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