Traditionally, at the end of September our business year ends. However, at the end of the business year 2022 an era came to an end.

Just like every year all employees lend a helping hand and checked diligently the stocks of our finished products and raw materials. Therefore, this special day with all colleagues was a perfect opportunity to celebrate together the farewell of the former managing partner Harry Reuter.

He himself wanted to make as little fuss as possible about his farewell.
“However, we did not want to let him go through the back door in any case”, his son Simon Reuter explained.

After 54 years of professional activity Harry Reuter counts as the primal rock of the labeling industry.

He did master’s degree as a sign and type painter and in his early 20s founded a company Werbetechnik Reuter [advertising technology Reuter], which is to date still active in the greater Stuttgart area and has earned a name for itself over the decades.   
In 1988 he first took over the management of robos-labels and shortly after that the shares of company. In 1990 Harry Reuter planned and realized a new building In Kornwestheim and consolidated there the management of robos-labels and his first company, Werbetechnik. For robos-labels most different changes were due in the following years, like the acquisition of new silkscreen printing plants as well as the entering in the roll letterpress printing and in the digital and flexo printing.

In the year 1992 Harry Reuter founded the converting company Folit GmbH, which cuts premium foils, preferably by 3M and Flexon, to individual narrow rolls. By this on one hand, own needs could be covered, but also the whole printing industry could be served with special material cuttings.
The Folit GmbH looks proudly back not only on the past 30 years, but has established itself at a high technological level thanks to its founder, which enabled to build up a continuously growing international customer base.

The technology was and is a driver at robos-label for changes and spurs on to explore own limits. Harry Reuter embodied this approach for over three decades by persistently pursuing seemingly unsolvable projects until the customer finally had a product in the hands that met his specific requirements. Moreover, Harry Reuter was an unbeatable consultant and was literally on fire for everything that involves the topic of labeling.

The labeling industry developed rapidly during the last decades in many respects, but was also exposed to numerous crises. Thus not only the unification- and consolidation crisis in the beginning of the 1990s fell within the effective range of Harry Reuter, but also the Dotcom crisis in the beginning of the noughties and the financial and economic crisis in the year 2009 and the corona crisis in 2020, which our company group fortunately all survived well.

Harry Reuter directed all companies safe and unwavering through the decades and always put the topic of consistency on top. This consistency has led and keeps on leading us to be a long term reliable partner for our customers, suppliers and employees, whereby also a kind of company security will be pursued.

In the year 2019, after a successful new building and moving Harry Reuter forwarded the management to his son Simon Reuter and to Daniel Sugg, who have already been in the company since 2005 and 1999. Thus both partners stand for a high degree of consistency and for many years have been doing everything in their power to continue along the chosen path and to face the challenges of the current time.

In many decades of his action Harry Reuter shaped his company not only in a professional, but also in personal way. Robos-labels developed in last decades into a family company, which is aware of its role and responsibility and therefore actively implements the promotion and development of people and talents while also supporting the social environment. Harry Reuter had a decisive influence on this development by building up a label printing company together with his employees, which today stands out from other companies and is highly specialized. A team of meanwhile over one hundred people takes over most different tasks to fulfil the requirements of notable customers especially from the technical industrial environment.

Not only Harry Reuter says Goodbye, also Elton John is on his farewell tour, which will have its climax in 2023. As a big fan Harry Reuter was happy about his VIP tickets for a concert in Berlin.

The whole team says THANK YOU!

We wish Harry Reuter after over five decades of work to enjoy his more than well-deserved retirement together with his wife, children and three granddaughters! 

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