Since January 2023 robos-labels will be supplemented by another department which will support the development and research of new products, materials and methods. This area will be led by Mrs. Dr. Tasmin Reuter. The new business area offers open space and makes creativity possible to spin new ideas and to be able to create product innovations with a new perspective. Depending on the project different employees will be brought into the team.

The interview was conducted by Christine Hartmann / Marketing & Communication

What advantages does the new department offer to the customers of robos-labels specifically?

Reuter: By decoupling of R & D activities from our serial production processes into a separate process flow, we are able to offer A- and B-samples in small runs quickly and cost-effectively in the early sampling phase and to respond agilely to the change requests by customers.

Why are you predestined for this task in the company?

Reuter: Due to my studies and my promotion in pharmacy I have been in constant contact with R & D from the beginning of my education. Additionally, I have an extremely high thirst for knowledge and love “to get to know” things – preferably not only in theory. Moreover, I enjoy pushing the boundaries of possibilities.

My colleagues also say that I am positive, communicative and not complicated. This also contributes to the task.

What are the tasks of R & D department?

Reuter: The R & D department includes all planned and systemic activities based on scientific methods. Our goal is the acquisition of new knowledge in all areas of labeling. New manufacturing methods, materials, and machines will be tested by developmental projects within the frame of quality planning before they go into serial manufacturing or serial operation. Hereby qualification tests will be made in laboratory with precise measuring devices. The triggers here are potential customer projects, complex complaints, as well as internal strategic developments.

What are the functions of the new department?

Reuter: The already existing development activities in the company will be structured more deeply. By improved preplanning the error sources in serial operation can be eliminated. In serial operation the intern procedures can be improved, and the plannability will be improved as well. Furthermore, the new department enables a strategic development of the product portfolio. The innovative labeling solutions can serve the requirements and needs of the technical industry in a forward-looking manner. 

By customer requests new impulses will also be set to develop our labeling solutions. Hereby the economic efficiency always remains in focus, and aspects of sustainability will be considered when evaluating the possibilities. The future sustainability of robos-labels will be supported by the development & research department.

How do the projects work?

Reuter: Together with sales department and the colleagues in the production possible development projects will be agreed upon. Then the project-based development steps will be planned, executed and evaluated within the frame of internal test orders. The test orders will be manufactured in specially planned time slots and supported by the development team.

What major challenges do you see for the R & D area in future?

Reuter: The development of sustainable methods and products is a great challenge for us, because the longevity is an important feature of our products, especially for the technical sector. It must be made as “clean” as possible in future. Our material suppliers have already taken first steps in this direction, and I personally hope that we can become even more environment-aware. In addition, I think that we should consider the future labels always more as a functional part which goes beyond labeling. Here we are already well on that way and are looking forward to continue taking this path in future.

Thank you for the conversation!

About the person:

Dr. Tasmin Reuter is 36 years old. The pharmacy studies were followed by internships in the pharmaceutical industry. A year later she worked in a public pharmacy as a pharmacist. This was followed by doctoral studies with further training as a pharmacist specializing in pharmaceutical analysis. She worked in the quality management of robos-labels from 2018 to 2020. After a family break for her three daughters Hanah, Frida, and Lou, she now takes over the R & D department.

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