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The imaging plates by Dürr Dental will be applied in many areas. For three quarters of a century the company is a leading provider for optical medical technology for dental offices. 

The imaging plates will be also applied in veterinary medicine for the x-raying of animals and in safety technology for the screening of suspicious pieces of luggage. Here the remote-controlled scanner drives close to the orphan item and the imaging screen will be read from the safe distance afterwards. 

The imaging plates are available in different sizes. The small formats are especially useful for dental medicine, where the flexible and bendy foils can be gently and easily positioned in a patient’s mouth. Within minutes the x-ray is read digitally and the doctor can continue with the treatment accordingly.

The initial situation

How can a product be presented to customers and interested people, if it cannot be dispensed as original in large quantities and still shall be as close as possible to the original product? Additionally, the customer shall be provided with contact data and product information. 

The challenge

The company Dürr Dental was facing this task to advertise their imaging plates for diverse application areas. Samples and information should come to customers as compact and informatively packed as possible.

The solution

The solution was a sampling fan, which makes the products palpable to the customer. At fairs and for customer visits it is ideal to present the imaging plates as realistic as possible. The sampling fan matches the original imaging plates in haptics, form and color almost perfectly. This sampling fan includes the available sizes and can be handed out to the interested customers. 

The sampling plates are as thin and flexible as the original plates. The small handy sampling fan also contains the contact data and the web address. This way everything the customer needs to know about the product is packed compactly.

The implementation

The plates fan has been produced in a robust edition. Also during the production of a sampling fan a special attention has been paid to premium materials and durable quality of the print.

The sampling image plates consist of plastic. They will be protected on both sides by the cover sheets of transparent polycarbonate. 

The fan will be held together by a book screw, which will be confectioned manually.

This offers the possibility for a subsequent completion with further imaging plate samples and looks very upscale.

The blue areas have been all-over printed in silkscreen and additionally refined with a silk gloss lacquer. This lacquer protects against scratches and abrasion. Silver texts and elements have been printed as well, which are based on the original imaging plates. The black areas have been provided with a matte lacquer to resemble the original as much as possible.

The imaging plates are available in German and also as an English version for an American company. 

Raimund Schulz, sales staff at Robos: “Robos and the company Dürr Dental are connected by a long-termed partner-like cooperation. This is an optimum prerequisite to achieve the best result together.”

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