Hekatron and their products

Hekatron Brandschutz and Hekatron Manufacturing are two independent companies. Together they are an important part of family-run Securitas Group in Switzerland.

For over 55 years they are a leading specialist for the development, production and distribution of technical fire protection systems. 

The initial situation

With this project the company Hekatron wants to promote the digitalization of smoke detectors, smoke detection equipment and the hold-open fire protection equipment. Along with the hardware the company simultaneously delivers also the respective serialized QR code label for the device to its customers.

When the hardware will be installed, on this spot the respective QR code label will be placed. It will be scanned and read by the technician and then it is automatically in the database of Hekatron. The QR code label provides information about the device type and the installation place. 

For Hekatron the approach of data collection via QR code was new. This is why they were glad to have found a partner in robos-labels, who could support them with the generating of the codes and also has the respective experience.   

The challenge

A high-performance labeling material with special adhesive features was required, which adheres very well to most diverse surfaces. The print should have a resistance of at least 10 years, so that a reliable legibility by scanning is guaranteed. The labels should be robust and additionally consecutively serialized. The codes must not appear twice.

The solution

Robos-labels has a long-term experience in the area of technical labels and has chosen a polyester material with very high adhesive coating, which is suitable for this use. The high-performance labels have been imprinted with QR codes with digital ink jet printing, because this way the best possible durability of the print can be achieved. Additionally, with this printing method the serialization or printing of variable data is possible. A flawless printing of consecutive QR codes without doublets is guaranteed.

The implementation

Robos-labels supported Hekatron with their expertise regarding the requirements for the material selection – as well as with the generation of the QR codes. Generally, robos-labels also participates in the creation and programming of the data bases or can take over this area completely.

For data protection reasons the QR code data base could only be transmitted to robos-labels in an encrypted way to avoid unauthorized access by a third party. The coordination of this complex project with the customer took place via web meetings. 

Hekatron and their end customers benefit from the possibility of monitoring the installed devices and data requesting with the respective software digitally. The building must not be visited by a technician anymore.

Also the manuals can be accessed by the customers digitally on the Hekatron homepage. This way print products will be economized and resources saved.

Florina Merz, purchaser at Hekatron:
“In our cooperation with robos-labels I appreciate the partner-like cooperation, the technical consultations and the know-how, which is contributed by robos-labels.” 

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