Efficient laser die cutting, laminating & personalization of labels and functional stamped parts

To meet customer requirements in an even more targeted manner and to be able to create special labels in general, robos-labels has invested in state of the art laser die-cutting plant. The new laser die-cutting system offers numerous application-specific high end solutions for the manufacturing and refinement of labels. Even small quantities are cost-efficient and can be realized fast. Moreover, the laser refinement offers a high flexibility for special forms and for processing. In the technical industry often unusual die-cutting shapes and functionalities in a standard-compliant versions are in demand.

In interview Daniel Sugg answers questions about the new laser die-cutting system. He is the managing partner at robos-labels and responsible for the production area.

What functions does the digital laser die-cutter offer?

The laser die-cutter allows for an efficient automated workflow and complex die-cutting, cutting, precutting (kiss-cut), marking, micro perforation and consecutive numbering. Die-cutting orders are possible “on the fly” spontaneously without any lead time with constant cutting quality and highest precision.   

For which runs is the digital laser die-cutter suitable?

The laser die-cutter is perfectly suitable for sample labels, small and middle runs. For complex forms, combined with pre- and cuttings this high-tech converting machine can realize its full potential. Even the smallest punched holes or bores do not fray.

What are the advantages of digital label die-cutting?

The laser die-cutter is suitable for the specific market requirements. The data will be transmitted to the laser die-cutter directly and this eliminates the manufacturing time and costs for a conventional die. The costs and efficiency are in a perfect proportion with the best quality of the final product. The workflow is completely digital, from the PDF file up to the delivery. Moreover, materials can be laminated together in one pass directly before die-cutting.

Which label materials can be processed with the laser die-cutter?

The lasering of PET (polyethylene terephthalate), PP (polypropylene), and paper materials is possible with the laser die-cutter. Impossible are PVC (polyvinylchloride) and PE (polyethylene) – polycarbonate is conditionally possible.

Technical data:

  • 2 laser heads
  • Extraction unit
  • Productivity: up to 120m/min
  • Material width: max. 330 mm
  • Die-Cutting lengths: several meters / endless
  • Tool costs: none 


For sample labels, small and middle label runs, as well as for functional die-cutting parts, the laser die-cutting system by robos-labels is a fast, cost-efficient and flexible solution. The system offers unique possibilities especially for complex die-cuts, precuts, fine bores, and unusual shapes. High quality labeling products can be delivered to the customer in short time.

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