Retterspitz and the world of its products

To heal, to care and to feel comfortable – this is how Retterpitz defines its products. 

For almost 120 years the products by Retterspitz support the relief of most different complaints. 

What started in connection with compresses applications for external use, for many years led to a current extensive Retterspitz product range. 

The company places great importance on the premium design of their products and the pleasant haptics of robust labels.

The initial situation
The company Retterspitz from Schwaig was looking for a new supplier who can reliably fulfil the high requirements in quality and functionality for the labeling of their products and places great importance on a partner-like cooperation and service.

The challenge
For the labeling of products those labels are necessary which can carry a comprehensive amount of information. They shall be attached to the product captive and resealable and additionally be resistant against humidity, abrasion and chemicals. The materials and the finishing shall also reflect the high quality of a product.

The problem solution
Perfectly suitable are the booklet labels, which can be adjusted exactly to the product with the individual page count and the respective formats. Robust materials by brand manufacturers ensure that the labels remain legible and visually well preserved even during a long-term use.

The implementation
The booklet label for “Retterspitz Äußerlich” consists of a 12-paged folded wood-free paper, which will be combined with a matte laminate on a two-colored printed base label.

Timo Wohlhaupter, sales staff:

“Retterspitz and robos-labels always look for the best possible solution – this makes us to perfect partners.”

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Customer service

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