Once again robos-labels participates in this successful series of events as a bronze sponsor.

Throughout August concerts took place weekly on the city square of Kornwestheim. According to the slogan “Kornwestheim rocks”, a colorful mixture of different tribute bands, recreating famous bands to perfection, came on the stage at the city park lake. Contrary to other cover bands, the tribute bands devote only to one famous musical formation and recreate them perfectly and detailed in style, music and even costumes.

This year bands like Dire Straits, Depeche Mode and the singer Michael Jackson were presented. By now the series of free concerts is very successful and numerous visitors also came in flocks from the surrounding areas to spend an evening by the lake with hilarious party atmosphere and delicious food and beverages.

Robos-labels also joined “Kornwestheim rockt!” in the previous years and this way supports also cultural projects along with regional sportive and social institutions.

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