Maxi labels for test cases

The company JBL runs an own scientific center for the development of their products and regularly organizes research expeditions. A special attention is also paid to the high-quality labeling of the products.

For the labeling of test cases for the examination of water quality large high-performance labels by robos-labels come into action. These meet special requirements and are customized for this application.

The products by JBL

JBL is one of the biggest full-range suppliers for fishkeeping, herpetoculture and garden ponds in Germany with headquarters in Neuhofen/Pfalz. The company employs 180 employees and supplies 60 countries worldwide with a range of over 2000 products and over 300 spare parts. Continuous research is the base for the product development of the manufacturer.

The initial situation

Until now, when applying big labels by a different label manufacturer non-removable air pockets occurred again and again. The labels were applied manually. JBL have already been a customer of robos-labels and asked for this maxi label as well. It shall be a suitable material-adhesive combination, which could be perfectly processed by a new labeling machine. This machine has been acquired by JBL especially for the labeling of the water test case. The machine can apply very large labels to front and back sides in one operation.

Adhesion tests at customer’s site

In a team with the purchaser by JBL and a technician of the machine constructor Herma it has been determined that 3 test rolls of case labels with 3 different materials and 3 different adhesives each shall be manufactured. An on-site appointment at JBL has been arranged, where the technician by Herma was also present. The label varieties have been tested in team until one of the combinations has brought a perfect result.

The right combination of film material and a special adhesive has allowed for an optimum production-ready result. The labeling machine labels approx. 30 cases per minute.

The very large labels (250 x 185 mm) contain warning symbols and a barcode, furthermore, the label offers space for 4 language versions. The small fonts with warning symbols must be printed in good resolution and remain permanently legible even when the test case is stressed. During the labeling process additionally a subsequent imprint of the batch number with thermal transfer printing on the backside label takes place.

The challenge

The special requirement for this project was to find a material-adhesive combination, which can be labeled nearly air-pocket free and at the same time decorates the case in a premium way. The case contains testing strips and liquids which measure the quality of aquarium water. It is used permanently every week for water tests until the utensils have been used up. For that reason the labels must be abrasion-proof, chemicals resistant and waterproof. The structured case surface made of polypropylene requires a strong adhesive for difficult backgrounds. The label also has a shaped die-cutting and must be applied precisely to millimeter.

The solution

For the labels a 100 µm thick film with laminate will be used, which on the one hand provides high-quality optics, and on the other hand has enough stiffness to allow for a smooth labeling.

The strong adhesive offers an optimum beginning- and end adherence onto different surfaces. The photorealistic print with the HP Indigo digital printing machine allows for brilliant color prints, which will be protected against external influences like water or chemicals by a laminate.

The implementation

A material has been found which corresponds with the high demands. JBL has decided for a glossy PP material with a high-performance adhesive. Stefan Biermann from robos-labels has accompanied the development process at JBL in advance through the numerous test runs. Different material- and adhesive combinations have been tested for suitability and optimum functionality. The label has been continuously adjusted in accordance with customer requirements until the perfect solution has been found. The front and back side will be applied in one run with a new Herma labeling machine, which manages 30 cases per minute on both sides.


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