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Labels for product presentation

The product presentation includes several labels which are made for one product only and will be concluded production-technically, which allows for time- and costs-efficient production. This includes front- and back labels and possible further functional labeling and features like e.g. tactile symbols for braille texts. The product presentations often consist of A- or “sun” (front) side or B- or “dark” (back) side.

The labels can be subsequently inscribed at the customer’s site with individual data like batch numbers or expiry dates. They will be adjusted to the customer-specific requirements and often serve the information, decoration and branding.

The main features of labels for product presentation

  • They serve decoration, information and branding
  • Produced as a composed print. Available as a set on a roll or separately.
  • High resistance to mechanical load due to protective lacquers and laminates
  • Resistant in contact with humidity, chemicals, fats, and essential oils
  • High abrasion resistance with suitable thermal transfer ribbons for the thermal transfer printing
  • Individual forms and perforations of the labels, adjusted to the product
  • Suitable for standard-compliant labeling like e.g. FDA etc.
  • Very high adhesive power of the labels also to low-energy substrates
  • Optimization of the processes by automation of material- and product flow
  • Additional safety features like e.g. security cutouts are possible
  • Over 500 special materials by Avery, 3M, Flexcon, and Tesa available from stock

Functions and advantages – precisely tailored to your requirements for the labeling

The labels for product decoration often have further functions like to close, secure or to cover the product. In some cases the label connects the single pieces of a multi-part selling unit. The perforation in the labels allow for the comfortable separation of single pieces.

The labels for product presentation offer the best possible flexibility and will be adjusted individually to the customer’s requirements. This happens by using suitable special materials of leading manufacturers, individual die‑cutting forms and premium adhesives.

The labels can be imprinted directly as required in variable amounts with current data at the site, by that the storage and the management of numerous labels may be reduced or dropped.

Our upscale and accurate processing with most modern die-cutting technologies guarantees the highest precision and reliability for the label application, which increases the user efficiency in the long term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The typical labeling products in the area of these labels are product decoration or decorative labels as well as information-, security-, and seal labels. In general, the products of numerous industries require front- and back labels for the labeling to transport all the information or to place it usefully.

These labels can be applied for example in the following branches and areas:

  • Chemical industry (chemicals for home and industry, lacquers and paints)
  • Pharmaceutical industry, OTC (containers and packaging of medicines and drugs)
  • Food (food supplements, animal food)
  • Automotive and mineral oil industry (oils, lacquers, maintenance agents)

For comprehensive information on the one side of the set e.g. booklet labels or multilayer labels can be used. Here covered consecutive codes can be integrated like for example it is made for sweepstakes. The multilingual texts, use information and warnings can be placed as well. The information is captive fixed to a product.

If the products shall be presented especially upscale, then the metallic labels in all color nuances or labels with hologram effects come into action. The crystal-clear transparent labels (no-label-look labels) also add to the exclusive appearance and seem almost like directly imprinted.

  • Temperature resistance from +150° C (302° F) C to -40° C (-40° F)
  • Very thin (from 6µ) as well as very thick (175µ) combinations of foils possible
  • High-performance materials made of polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) and polyvinylchloride (PVC)
  • Permanent/repositionable/removable adhesives with a very good adhesive power for high- and low-energy substrates available
  • Diverse carrier materials like e.g. transparent plastic liner available
  • Subsequently inscribable with thermal transfer printing method
  • Foil features from soft and smooth and flexible to stable and tear-proof

As a manufacturer robos-labels has a wide range of already approved and certified labeling solutions.
When additional customized licenses are required, we can take on the approval- and certification process if desired.

We already meet the following standards and regulations with our raw materials:

  • DIN EN ISO 11683:1997-11 Packaging — Tactile warnings of danger — Requirements
  • CLP Regulation (Classification, Labelling and Packaging, in accordance with EC No. 1272/2008)
  • BS 5609 Label resistance to saline sea water
  • REACH, RoHS and IMDS conformity
  • ADR 2021 Ordinance on the transport of dangerous goods by road, rail and inland waterways (GGVSEB)

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